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Strategic Career Management

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Set the stage for your career – and discover new possibilities

Career paths today are rarely linear. As a not-for-profit leader, your career choices will lead you to unexpected opportunities. Learn how to intentionally manage your career to foster your professional success. Through this workshop you will gain clarity on your marketable skills, develop next steps, and learn key actions to proactively manage your career.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • EGain self-awareness of your unique skills and contributions
  • EUnderstand the importance of your personal value proposition and brand
  • ELearn the 4 foundations of career management
  • EDevelop confidence to have transparent conversations about your career goals, within and outside your organization
  • EIdentify steps to strategically develop a network

Topics Covered:

  • EWhat is career management?
  • EYour career so far….
  • EFour underlying principles of career management
  • ECareer management tools and techniques
  • EYour next steps


Come away with specific benefits you can apply to your career path right away:

  • ETools to better understand your skills and strengths
  • EA career timeline that clarifies where you are now and where you are going
  • E3 focused professional goals to take your career to new heights

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