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Introduction into Coaching

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Techniques & Tools For Effective Leaders

Coaching is increasingly being used within organizations to support improved personal and team performance.

This two-part, virtual workshop series (two x 4hr sessions) includes facilitated discussions, individual and group activities and experiential learning through coaching practice. In this highly experiential session, participants will have the opportunity to observe coaching, and practice coaching and being coached using real-world experiences. Through this hands-on training, participants learn how to effectively integrate coaching in the workplace.

This course follows a two-step process: First, introducing the Excelerator Coaching™ model and clarifying what coaching is and is not.  Second, going further into coaching techniques and tools, and consolidating learning through practicing coaching skills and being coached.

*Fee includes registration and a copy of Essential Impact’s virtual coaching workbook. Participants will also have access to the Great Question!™ app.

Suggested Participants:

Not-for-profit employees or volunteers 

Learning Outcomes:

Following this workshop, participants will have an understanding of coaching and will be comfortable coaching others. Participants will be able to:

  • EUnderstand what coaching is and how it can support performance within organizations
  • EBe comfortable using the Excelerator Coaching™ model to work with others within their organizations
  • EUnderstand and apply a range of coaching and influencing approaches
  • EImprove their communication and influencing skills through developing active listening and effective questioning skills
  • ECreate clear and ethical contracts and learn how to develop and maintain appropriate coaching boundaries.
  • EBe comfortable giving and receiving feedback, and learning from others


As organizations find themselves working within an increasingly complex world, where they are often required to do more with less, coaching offers a tool for encouraging and supporting individuals and team members to find solutions and to take responsibility for their own actions and outcomes.

Topics Covered:

Participants in the One Day Intro to Coaching workshop are introduced to the four principles of the Excelerator Coaching™ Model – Engage, Enlighten, Empower, Excel.

  • EENGAGE: Focuses on creating an environment of safety and confidentiality for meaningful conversations.
  • EENLIGHTEN: Focuses on identifying root causes and underlying issues rather than symptoms in order to target specific action.
  • EEMPOWER: Focuses on generating self-awareness of internal and external barriers which typically interfere with effective planning and implementation of change.
  • EEXCEL: Focuses on commitment to action, with realistic timeframes.

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